Public Relations

Managing public relations in-house can be an arduous task, it requires full time attention and it’s often about who you know, not what you know.

Communication Strategies & Campaigns

These events include a number of media-only announcements; regional forums; and major campaign launches to community and stakeholders. Impact can provide counsel to develop and implement carefully structured strategic communications and public relations programs.

We focus on building relationships. That is creating, maintaining and enhancing strong relationships with key stakeholders, ensuring the right message reaches the right people.

Tactful key message development to attract the right attention and reaction is essential.

Community & Stakeholder Relations

Consultation is paramount to ensure successful project integration and minimise harmful publicity.

Impact is proficient in the use of an interactive response system (IML) that allows you to involve your audience and can assist an audience to engage and with you. We use the simplest and most cutting edge audience response system available today. 

The interactive response system ensures that everyone is given an equal opportunity to express their opinion during the consultation process. It provides immediate display of responses and is secure, accurate and reliable.

Impact utilises the consultation process to effectively target key messages, advises of any potential changes or developments that may affect stakeholders and to measure community reactions.

Media Management

Impact is the trusted PR consultancy for managing media relations when international heads of state, including Her Majesty the Queen of England, visit Western Australia.

We handle it all from briefings and planning meetings, through to arranging the most innovative and effective ways to disseminate media messages.